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Getting to know Vanessa

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We all have something we believe is the key to improving our lives, and many of us are making careers out of it. Psychologist, health & fitness trainers, financial advisors…they are the people who have experienced better living through their craft and they’re keen to share their knowledge. They’re the helpers and the educators of the world and I’m grateful for them, as I believe dedicating just a little time towards any sort of improvement is the key to a successful life.

I’ve always wanted to be one of these people; little did I know I was on my way. I started my career in education, however teaching math to high school students just wasn't my calling. So I moved on and found myself immersed in the home industry for almost a decade – I went from managing furniture stores, to getting a real estate license, to being a luxury staging consultant, and then running a prominent interior design firm. It's my love of helping people improve their homes, and in turn their lives, that kept me wanting to learn all I could about the industry. You'll often hear me say "Good Living Starts at Home".

Along the way, I often relied on the educator in me to steer homeowners in the right direction. Making decisions around your home often come with significant investments so I was keen to do my part and share my knowledge. I guess this is when I started to become one of those people.

Nowadays, as the Principal of Designer Moves , I choose to focus my helping efforts on the move process as it’s a stressful time when people are in need of extra support & education – plus, its way up my professional alley!

On a personal note, moving has often signified big moment and big transitions for me, and goodness has always come from such change. Even in difficult times, the change was good. I want to be part of helping people see the opportunities that come with new beginnings and guide them through their transitions; even if it's just by taking away their to-do list so they can focus on enjoying the experience.

So that’s me, my mission and my purpose. If you’re still reading, that probably means you’re ready for a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

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