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Packing for a move is a challenging task; it's time consuming and it can be physically difficult. Once your belongings have been identified, our team can pack, unpack & organize your home. We're efficient and we always add a touch of flair!

Service Quotes & Management

Moving certainly isn't a one person job. You may need to hire movers, painters, cleaners, contractors, junk removal, etc. We'll provide you with quotes and we'll take care of scheduling & overseeing the workers. 

Furniture Management

The first step to a successful move is assessing your belongings. If you're a little stuck figuring out what to bring to your new home, we're here to help. We can evaluate your furniture in relation to the design of your new space and we can help you pair down or upgrade if required. 

De-Cluttering & Organization 

There is no better time to get organized than before you move into a new space. There's no sense in packing up items you no longer need, as finding a place for these in your new home will be frustrating and inefficient.  

Home Editing & Staging 

If you're home isn't sold yet, it's important that your move process starts early on. De-cluttering and packing up some of your belongings before you list will maximize the sale of your  property. We'll help you prepare and we'll add a few key pieces to enhance your décor. 

Move Day Coordination 

Move day involves many moving parts such as elevator bookings, parking

key exchanges, directing movers, unpacking basics, etc. We'll take care of the details and ensure the day is efficient. You can even go for lunch and a massage while we get things done. 

New Home Set-Up

Unpacking boxes, organizing closets, systematizing your kitchen, arranging furniture, etc. can be tricky. Allow us to help you maximize the potential of your new home so you can get started on the right foot. 

Interior Styling 

Now that the move is planned, its time to start thinking about your new home. How exciting! We can help you figure out where to put furniture, we can hang your art, help you select paint, shop for new pieces, etc.  We want to ensure your home reflects you, your taste and your needs. 

Design & Renovations

Moving can sometimes involve renovations, which can be alot to handle when you have a million other things on your mind. Our design team can guide you through this process; we'll introduce you to a contractor, we'll help you figure out what you want and we'll present design options that reflect you and your taste. 

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